Sweatin' to the beat of a different drum


The first time she heard about cardio drumming, Kheila Knight knew she had to try it, "They were doing it in Tawas, out at the park, outside. And I went up there one night, and took the class, and I loved it."

One class was all it took, Kheila says,"I just wanted to keep on doing it. After 45 minutes, I wasn't ready to stop."

Neither was Kheila's sister, Julie Vander Kiuur; so they kept on drumming to the cardio beat.

"We've been doing this for two years. It's been a lot of fun,"Julie says.

And, by "doing this", Julie doesn't simply mean they've been taking drum cardio classes, "I thought it was amazing. I actually encouraged my sister to get the class started."

Yes, Kheila, a certified aerobic's instructor, got her own class started.

"In five weeks, I did like ten songs put together, found a trailer for a stage, found a sound man, and we had like 40 people our first night," Kheila says.

Classes fill up, often with unsuspecting first-timers who have no idea how hard they're going to work, Julie says, "We've had a lot of, especially guys come and think, 'oh year, whatever,' and afterwards, they're like, 'wow, that was a workout."

There is a lot more happening here than drumming, Kheila says, "We do squats. We do heel raises. We do kicks. We're working our arms, our shoulders. We do a lot of squats though. And we jog. We keep our heart rate up"

While this is a very physcial workout, Kheila is quick to point out, cardio drumming is adaptable for anyone, "You can sit down in a chair. You can be in a wheelchair. You can do your upper body."

People of any age or fitness level can do it.

Kheila's Cardio Drumming offer classes all over- Saginaw Township, Frankenmuth, Birch Run, Midland and Bay City.

"In Bay City, we have a pretty big turn out at the Whenonah Park bandshell," Kheila says, "And, we actually have had Girl Scout troops come, to earn badges, and special olympic kids, too."

Kheila says a lot of her students wear Fitbits, and get anywhere from 4,000 to 9,000 steps during one class.

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