Sunless tanner 101

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It's that time of year when you might want a little bit of a tan, but sunbathing puts us at risk for skin cancer, and it can really age the skin. What to do?

Have no fear. Sunless tanners are getting better, and if you apply the right product, the right way, you can come out looking great.

Donna Hewitt from Flint's Ulta Beauty says there is one first step you simply cannont skip with these products, "Exfoliate! You want to exfoliate any dead skin from your body, and that just gives you your smoothest tan, when you are doing the sunless tanner. It's good to do it in the shower, when your skin is moist."

Getting rid of that dead skin is key to getting even color, Donna tells me, "The sunless tanner will attach to the dead skin faster, and be darker."

When we get ready to apply the product, try using a mitt.

"The mitt, you spray the sunless tanner right into the mitt," Donna says, "And then just long, circular motions on your body. And most of them have a built in tint in them now, so you can see if you're streaking or not."

There are all kinds of different deliveries. There's creams, there's lotions, there's mousse.

"The mousses, I think, are the most popular," Donna says, "They're lightweight. They go on really nice and smooth, and dry quickly."

Donna offers a few more tips for even application, "You should put lotions on your hands first to keep it from darkening, and maybe on your knees and elbows. That just helps it not absorb so quickly into the skin."

There is really great news if you do have a little mishap with your sunless tanner, Donna says, "If you do have an accident, there is sunless tanner remover."

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