Stay cool exercising in summer heat

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Exercising outside, in the summer heat, can be pretty miserable. Fortunately, there are products designed just for cool running.

When it comes to beating the heat while exercising outside, Brad Brown of Complete Runner in Flint, says timing is everything, "It's nice to go run in the morning, if possible, before the heat and the humidity jump up. So, either early in the morning or late in the evening. You don't want to go out in the middle of the day, when the sun is right over you, and the humidity is at its highest."

But that is not always possible, especially if you participate in Crim training which starts at 6pm- right when we hit our high for the day.

Brad says, that's why it's important to remember the golden rule, "Staying hydrated. You know, certain things besides water trying to keep electrolytes in your body can also help your body naturally cool itself."

You should probably replace electrolytes if you workout longer than 45 minutes. Sports drinks are one option, but there are others.

Brad says there are products you can add to your water, and much more, "There's also chews you can get that have electrolytes in them as well. Some people, you know, prefer a liquid. Some people like to chew on something."

You should also invest in and wear the right fabrics. Brad says this is much more about function than fashion.

"You want your body to naturally cool off. So try and get something that is going to get that sweat away from you, like a poly blend. Some companies make some really cool technology, like New Balance makes one that is actually cool to the touch. So as you start to sweat, it pulls that sweat away, but also leave a nice, cool feeling."

You should also find a good hat, like the newer technical trucker hats- in a breathable fabric. Your head, Brad says, is critical to managing your body temperature, "And we know, like in the winter, it's all about keeping your head warm to keep your body warm. Well, it's kind of the opposite during the summer. You want to keep your head cool, as well, to try and cool down your body."

Speaking of winter, you know how a good scarf keeps you warm? Well, cooling towels work kind of the same way. Some are disposable. Others, you wet down with cold water, wring them out and give them a good snap. Stash them in their container, and they stay cold.

Brad says it is because of the technical fabric in the towels, "It's going to trap in the water, and keep it cooler than the air outside. So it gives that cooling effect."

If you start to feal nauseated, get goose flesh, or stop sweating during a hot, outdoor workout, stop. You could be on your way to serious trouble. Don't take chances. If you feel like the heat is just too much, it probably is.

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