Spring produce, fresh, and so good for you

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Whether you eat them raw, or throw them into your favorite recipe, Spring produces offers you endless choices.

Hurley Dietitian, Emily Gideon, roams the produce stands at Flint Farmer's Market, looking for what is in season, for one big reason, "It's going to be fresh. It's going to have a more intense flavor. And it's going to be really, really ripe. And it's gonna have better taste."

So, what does Emily say you should you be looking for at the market right now?

"Asparagus, artichokes, green beans are in season."

So are leafy greens like Swiss chard, rhubarb, oranges and other citrus, along with one of the most popular fruits around- strawberries.

All of these delicious choices also pack a nutritional punch. Emily says the veggies are loaded with vitamin K, "Those vegetables are also going to be really high in folate, which is especially good for us ladies. And magnesium as well, which is good for our neuro development."

Of course oranges and strawberries are loaded with vitamin C, which is great for our immune systems.

Emily says all of the spring fruits and veggies are also loaded with antioxidants and fiber, "It's really good for our GI health. And it's good at preventing colon cancer. And it's also good at reducing our cholesterol."

If you can eat your fruits and veggies raw, for the most part, you will get the most nutritional benefit.

Boiling and steaming vegetables can reduce the nutrients a little, but Emily says, don't worry too much about that, "My thought is, it's better to, if you're not going to eat the vegetable raw, it's better to have it cooked, than to not have it at all."

So, head to your nearest farmer's market and take it all in.

Here are links to a few Mid-Michigan farmer's markets websites.

Flint Farmer's Market, http://flintfarmersmarket.com/

Davison Farmer's Market, https://www.davisonfarmersmarket.com/

Downtown Saginaw Farmer's Market, http://www.saginawfarmersmarket.org/

Midland Area's Farmer's Market, http://www.macc.org/midland-area-farmers-market

City Market (Bay City), https://www.citymarketbc.com/

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