Preventing kids' sports injuries and a lifetime of pain

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Kids are more devoted to their favorite sports than ever-

But, sometimes, that dedication can lead to trouble, says McLaren sports medicine Dr. Hussein Sayed, "One of the most common things that I see coming into our practice is these over-use injuries."

Over-use injuries are just what they sound like- using the same muscles, the same motions, over and over again during sports.

"Injuries of bones, tendons, muscles, that result from kind of repeating the same motion, same process over and over," Sayed says.

Some over-use injuries, like a torn ACL, can have a devasting impact, Dr. Sayed says, "And therefore end up taking time off of sport, and perhaps endangering a future careeer in it, perhaps, if they have a catastrophic injury. "

There are two ways to avoid these type of injuries.

First, mix it up a little . Play different sports, rather than hyper-focusing on one

"The reason why that is, is because you want to work different muscles, use different processes," Sayed says, "And that would really help avoid these over-use injuries, that have become significantly more prominant over the past decade."

The second mode of prevention, Dr. Sayed tells me, is simply resting, "Taking time off, at least one day off a week, one month of a year, from the sport, to allow the body to recuperate."

Of course, this can be tough to do.

Kids sometimes even struggle with new rules requiring them to stay out of the game after suffering concussions.

Dr. Sayed says they're the other top sports injury doctors see, "Which is why we emphasise the return to play protocol, taking an athlete out of a sport if they've suffered from any type of head trauma, anything that looks like it could have disoriented them, or any obvious blow to the head."

New concussion treatment protocals protect athletes after injury.

However, Dr. Sayed says, prevention should be another key focus here- and go further than simply wearing the right gear, "Not lulling the athlete into some sense of security or invincibility, so also emphasizing appropriate technique."

For more information about kids' sports injuries, visit this site.

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