Mammogram more reliable in 3D


Bobbi Dunkle knows the stress of getting a mammogram. Her very first was especially scary.

"I found a lump and that was my first mammogram, is when they sent me for that."

That first mammogram was just the beginning of an anxious journey for Bobbi, "It's the waiting. That's nerve-wracking.

When her results came, Bobbi's battle with breast cancer officially began.

Though she's 7 years cancer free today, Bobbi never misses her routine mammogram, "I get nervous every time, every year. It's like I just want to know. "

Today, however, she's more excited than anxious, about the mammogram she'll have at Mclaren Flint's Imaging Center.

"I think, you're going to walk out feeling- I'm going to walk out feeling- much better," Bobbi says.

That's not only because she has faith she'll be cancer free, today today's mammogram will use 3D technology.

Dr. Linda Lawrence says, the 3D imaging offers even more certainty than it's predecessor, the 2D mammogram.

"With a 2D mammogram, we are just looking at all of the overlapping compressed breast tissue," Dr. Lawrence says, "And with a 3D mammogram, we actually are taking slices through the breast tissue. And when we get in plane, we actually see the breast tissue more clearly, becasue we look through those slices individually."

Having a more in-depth view gives Dr. Lawrence that much more confidence in what she is seeing, on a mammogram, "Not only will it pick up breast cancer earlier, becasue we'll be able to see things more clearly, it's going to reduce the need for call-backs."

That means less chance of still more testing and anxiety for patients.

Bobbi says no amount of fear or worry should keep any woman from her annual mammogram, "Everybody needs to get one. Don't wait. Don't put it off."

For more information about 3D mammography at Mclaren's Imaging Center, click here.

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