Making Easter healthy

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I invited our pal, Grace Derocha , CDE, RD, of Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, to talk about Easter.

You know, you can put in a request to the Easter Bunny for healthier alternatives to the usual candy.

Grace says, you probably should, too, considering, "There is 2-billion dollars spent on Easter candy. That's more than Halloween, even. So, I was trying to think of ways that I would want to give to my kids something that could kind of encourage poitivity for their heart, body, mind and spirit, that doesn't have to involve candy."

What about those colorful Easter eggs? Grace says to go ahead and have a few- just not in one sitting.

There are tons of possibilities for basket stuffers for kids of all ages- infant to teenager.

"Yes. This is our teenager basket. So we have a journal in there. We have magazines, a movie. We have some pens in there. Everyone likes a good pen. And there are some treats in there, some chapstick, some bubble bath, a bath bomb. So there are some things in there that a teenager might want to use throughout the year.

There is even a little chocolate and some jelly beans in the teen basket. There are also a few treats in the basket for school aged kids.

Grace says, the hilights of the younger kids' basket are, "Some arts and crafts, some movies, some books. So definitely some things to keep kids busy, keep them creative, even keep them moving."

Finally, how about an umbrella filled with goodies for infants and toddlers? Mom can use the umbrella, and the little ones are sure to be pleased.

"You can use the umbrella idea for anyone. So, since Easter is April first, I thought why not set it up in something that's functional. So I think that's also a good idea, instead of the baskets that take up so much room. So this is for an infant or a toddler. You can see the teething rings, the boogie wipes, the stuffed animal, the baby towels.

Treats don't have to be edible, especially for kids. The Easter Bunny, of course, knows this. All you have to do is let him know you want to pare down on the candy this year.

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