Healthy St. Patrick's Day


Grace Derocha starts our healthy St. Patrick's Day journey with some beer calorie data, "Fun fact: On St Patricks Day, about 13 million pints of Guiness are drank. So the range of calories are from about a hundred to 350-400. So it depends on your beer choice and how many you're drinking. You want to drink in moderation."

It turns out, St. Patty's is one of the fattest holidays we celebrate, according to Grace, "Because of all of the alcohol that's consumed, and the food. There's stuffed cabbage, corned beef,- because that's a fattier meat. "

So, whipped up a healthy version of the very popular Shepherds Pie, "Fun fact: This has about 120 calories in a serving, where your regular shepherds pie would have closer to 300-350."

The top of this pie is mashed potatoes, and a few other thrings, "I did use potatoes, but there is also mashed cauliflower and some white beans in that to add a little protein. So we're getting a lot of good nutrition. Then for the bottom, instead of lamb, I used ground turkey and sirloin."

Grace also whipped up a green beverage. It's alcohol free.

"This is coconut water and then we're using matcha. With daylight savings, I'm still dragging," Grace says, "And I feel like a lot of other people might be, too. Matcha naturally has caffeine and a ton of antioxidants. And it's green and you can have some energy, some hydration."

And still be festive! Bonus.

For Grace's recipes, click here.

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