Get screen time and learn at same time

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Summer time can mean extra screen time for kids. But there are ways to make sure your kids are learning a little something while they're on their tech gadgets.

Barbie Shinabarger, from AT&T, offers us a few ideas to help keep kids learning, via technology, during that break from school.

It all starts with some great apps.

"There are some good ones," Barbie says, "We're going to start wtih Leela. It's basically like a podcast app for kids ages 3 to 12. They have different categories, like science, math, bedtime stories, even. So they're podcasts that kids can listen to."

The next app Barbie is excited about is called Duolingo, "This one is free, as well. And they can learn different languages- Spanish, French, German- a whole bunch of different categories they can learn from. It basically teaches them different words, and then there is a quiz at the end, so that they can make sure that they're freshened up on their words as well."

The apps are available on both Apple and Android, Barbie says, "And, the good thing is, too, they also have apps that you can read books from, too, so you don't even need the hardcover books anymore."

There are also websites, Barbie says, "Through the district schools, is a math one, and then Razz Kids is a reading one. So, they can use their school login and password, and they can learn all summer long, just on those district websites."

Kids can also get a little learning in on your TV, Barbie says, " If you have Direct TV, you can go right on your TV or the Direct TV app. They have a tab, called 'for kids'. So there's programs specifically just for kids as well."

Just a few simple ways kids can get in their screen time, and learn- at the same time.

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