Foods that fight stress


This is national stress month- National Stress Awareness month. Just in case we are not all aware that we have stress.

Let's get Grace Derocha, RDN, CDE of Blue Cross Blue Shield's take on stress fighting foods.

"First, whole grains like brown rice quinoa, even oatmeal, have lysine, which helps increase dopamine in your system. And dopamine is a natural chemical that helps you feel happy. And more energetic," Grace says.

Nuts and seeds are also good stress busters, Grace says, "Cashews and sunflower seeds- those also have magnesium. Some have folate. And those can help reduce stress, increase seretonin, work with the dopamine. So all of the chemicals that make you feel happier, and less stressed."

"Ginger and dark chocolate have antioxidants, that actually help fight free radicals in our body to, again, reduce stress," Grace adds, "All the good things."

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