Film offers help against cyberbullying


As if school yard bullying isn't bad enough, the internet is making it easier than ever for bullies to go after their targets- of all ages. It's called cyberbullying.

In fact, statistics show that nearly half of all high school kids report experieinceing some level of bullying.

Joining us today is Barbie Shinabarger from AT&T.

Leslie: Barbie, your company is actually launching a campaign against cyberbullying.

Barbie: So AT&T has actually produced a film called "There's a Soul Behind That Screen". It's a 20 minute movie, but it's very powerful. High school students produced it, actually sharing thier own stories to kind of get the word out around cyberbullying.

Leslie: Are they actually telling their own stories?

Barbie: They are telling their own stories about cyberbullying, and how it affects them. It's very powerful.

Leslie: Is this a learning tool that parents can use, too?

Barbie: It is a learning tool. AT&T actually has a pamphlet available online at, with the clues of how to pay attention to cyberbulling. Making sure you're watching the behavior of the kids. Making sure you're spot-checking who are they talking to online. And just giving them (parents) different clues and tips to prevent it.

Leslie: Does this also work as a teaching tool for kids?

Barbie: It does. It gives them more of a track of how to address it. We did a statistic and 80-percent of the kids we talked to were either cyberbullied or know someone who has been cyberbullied. And most of them did nothing about it.

Leslie: How can we watch "There's a Soul Behind That Screen"?

Barbie: You can actually go to and find that film, and find that brochure with tips and tricks for how to prevent it.

You can check out the video and brochure from AT&T here.

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