Ebikes: Pedaling taken to a new level


They have pedals, just like any other bike. They also have motors. They're Ebikes.

"It's real simple: "E" stands for electric, and they're battery operated," says Fred Bauer, owner of Bicycle Village Saginaw Valley.

These batteries, he says, have some serious power, "The batteries will charge 10-thousand cycles. And they'll go about 35 miles on a cycle. So it'll last you a long, long time, and you'll be able to get a lot of miles out of it."

The motors on these bikes can get you some decent speed, up to about 20 miles per hour.

Fred says that offers a money-saving alternative to driving a car, "You can generally get to work and back. If you've got about a 20 mile, each way, you should be okay."

From alternate transportation, to- yes, even getting in a good workout- Ebikes are a great option for a lot of different people.

"People who have some disabilities," Fred says, "People who- for whatever reason- no longer have a driver's license. People, maybe who are getting a little older, and don't want to work as hard in pedaling their bike to run their errands, or go on the rail trail, or whatever they want to do. So they're for a wide variety of people."

Ebike prices range from 500 to 5,000 dollars. A good one, Fred says, will run you between 1,400 to 2,500 dollars.

For more information about Ebikes and Bicycle Village Saginaw Valley, visit their website.

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