Dance your way fit

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If you aren't a fan of exercise, or you just can't find something you like, why not just dance?

Joan Cline struggled to find an exercise routine she could stick to- until she discovered Dance Fit, "It was the only workout could consistently do since high school."

A year and a half- and a lot of healthy lifestyle changes later- Joan's lost 50 pounds, "And Dance Fit was the key to that. It helped me take the weight off. It helped me keep it off. And it really helped me tone up."

And have a great time all the while, which is just what insturctor Sara McCoy was going for, when she started Dance Fit with Sara, "Iit's like exercise in digiuse. You're working out, but you're just dancing around and you're having a fun time. You're sweating, but it's not like you're just dreading it.

Not only that, if you like dancing, but you are not especially good at it- Sara says this class is for you, We always say, it doesn't matter what move you're doing, as long as you're moving."

You can also do this class at your own pace, there is no competition, "If we get down for a plank or something, and that's not something you feel comfortable doing, we definitely don't want you to hurt yourself or push yourself too far."

Joan says that's just one of the reasons she'll keep coming to Dance Fit class three times a week, "I say, just come out and dance with us."

If you'd like to, you can check out Dance Fit with Sara's website.

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