All natural cleaners for your home

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You want to keep it clean, but you don't want all of those chemicals. You can always make your own, but you don't have to.

Tammy cutcher, of Essential Necessities, LLC, in Lapeer, quickly whips up a batch of household cleaner, blended with essential oils.

"It's all natural. The oils i use are 100-percent pure, theraputic. It's what God gave us. It's been on the ground. It's what he grew. So, it's been here forever. I've used them myself for over 17 years," Tammy says.

You could say, Tammy fell into the business side of this on accident, "I raised my family on it. I started out just doing it myself, then it just kind of exploded from there. People started coming to me, asking me, 'What am I doing for this? How am I making this.'"

Tammy doesn't give away the complete recipes for the all natural cleaner or the other products she sells at Essential Necessities, LLC.

But, she says, certain oils are musts, like bacteria-busting cinammon bark, "There's a lot of different oils you can mix in with it. But, as long as you start out with cinammon oil and eucalyptus as your base, you've got it covered."

All of her liquid cleaners are made with distilled water, because of the purification process it goes through.

Tammy packages them all in glass- never plastic, "With a 100-percent pure, thereputic, you never want to put them in plastic, because plastic is nothing but bacteria, germs, toxins. It's gonna eat its way through that plastic."

Whether you buy her pre-blended cleaning products, or the supplies to make your own , Tammy says you can use her household cleaner on nearly everything, and it's potent, "It will kill 99.967 percent of germs and bacteria."

Tammy also carries brands of all natural dish, diswasher and laundry soaps, along with cleaning wax.

"No chemicals," she says, "It's pure."

You will also find natural air purifiers, carpet freshener, candles for the home, and an array of health and beauty products at Essential Necessities, LLC.

If you want more information about making your own house cleaning supplies, or want to check out Tammy's products, visit her website,

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