A really "cute" Valentine tip

valentine's day cutie.jpg

This is Fat Tuesday and Valentine's Eve- all rolled up in one.

For a healthy Valentine's Day treat, wrap up delicious cuties, and attach a fun card. You have a sweet treat, that happens to be good for your Valentine, or even your child's classmates.

Grace Derocha, of Blue Cross, Blue Shield of Michgian, tells us we can work off that paczki by working out in our target zone. Make sure you know your target heart rate. Your max is 220-your age. Your target, for moderate exercise is 50 to 80 percent of that number. You should be able to talk, but not hold a conversation.

By the way, 7,000 situps or two hours of jumping jacks should burn that paczki right off. No worries.

Also, remember your cholesterol, blood pressure and sugar readings. Knowing these can help you and your doctor track your heart health.

Enjoy your fat Tuesday, and Happy Valentine's Day.

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