Two plays, one day: A special event

Two plays in one day

Coming up on Sunday, June 3rd you have the chance to see not one, but two plays in a single day. Both plays were written and directed by the same person.

Lorenzo Pierson joined Rachelle and Mike on NBC25 Today and FOX66 Mornings to talk about "A Sister's Betrayal" and "The Dope House and Thug Girls."

Joining Lorenzo was the two leads of "A Sister's Betrayal," Starr Curry and Toysha Welch.

You can go see the shows at The Temple Theater in Saginaw, located on 203 N. Washington Avenue.

Each show costs $25 per ticket.

You can purchase tickets for "A Sister's Betrayal" and "The Dope House and Thug Girls" by heading over to the Temple Theater's website.

"A Sister's Betrayal" starts at three in the afternoon. "The Dope House and Thug Girls" starts at eight that same day.

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