Saginaw Arson Watch preps for Angel's Night Patrols

Saginaw Arson Watch members share their plans for Angel's Night 2017. (Photo: Courtney Wheaton)

Saginaw, Mich- For the last decade vigilant citizens have been taking watch to make sure their city stays safe during Devil's Night.

The Saginaw Arson Watch is comprised of several community organizations and started in 2006 after 17 fires were reported in the area.

For the last two years there have been no fires reported.

" We believe having eye on the streets and all of these different groups working together is making an impact," said Saginaw Arson Watch Co-Chair, Nancy Burdick.

If you would like to help you can head to the FOP Hall on Niagara Street on Monday around 5 pm to sign up.

Volunteers also say leave your front lights on, make sure children are in by curfew and call the tip line if you see anything suspicious.

That number is 1-800-44- ARSON.

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