Local professional makeup artist shows off Halloween looks on the fly

Steven Louis Mitchell uses his creativity to pull off Halloween looks. (Photo NBC25/FOX66)

Flint, Mich-- 20-year-old Steven Louis Mitchell has been doing makeup for the last five years.

He started off copying Youtube videos and has recently completed school to step up his game.

On Friday he showed the NBC/FOX morning crew two looks, one easy to do and one more difficult version.

For anyone starting out he suggest getting lots of drug store colored eyeliners and Halloween palettes you can get at any party store.

You can easily make a cat or candy skull look with those items. For people looking to take it to the next level you can order prosthetic makeup just make sure you aren't allergic to latex.

The easiest way is to swatch your hand first, and if you are allergic there are other options.

To book Steven you can check out his Instagram page @voodoo_effects where he also sells creepy jewelry as well.

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