MOVIE PICK: 'Serenity' and 'The Kid Who Would Be King' new in theaters

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    FLINT-- You have two new films hitting big screen this weekend. One is the latest take on the King Arthur legend but from a youthful, modern standpoint. The other is a dramatic thriller.

    "Serenity" stars Anne Hathaway, Matthew McConaughey, Diane Lane, Jason Clarke and Djimon Hounsou. The main character is Baker Dill, a fishing boat captain who leads tours off the tranquil Plymouth Island. His peaceful life is soon shattered when his ex-wife tracks him down and begs Baker to save her and their young son form her abusive husband. She wants him to take the jerk hubby on a fishing trip and throw him overboard to the sharks. The request puts Baker back into a life he wants to forget and leaves him struggling to choose between right and wrong.

    Your other new choice is "The Kid Who Would Be King."

    Old-school magic meets the modern world in this take on King Arthur when young Alex stumbles upon the mythical sword Excalibur. He soon unites his friends and enemies into a band of knights who join forces with the legendary wizard Merlin to save mankind from the wicked enchangress Morgana and her army of supernatural warriors.

    The Rotten Tomatoes crowd likes "The Kid Who Would Be King." They aren't too keen on "Serenity" but then, they also didn't like "The Upside" and it's doing fairly well with moviegoers. Neither new film is predicted to win this weekend's box office battle. However, both should enjoy Top 10 finishes according to Box Office Pro.

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