Local police react to new survey that lists Michigan as 4th in the nation for drug abuse

The Michigan Department of Community Health has developed a website to increase public awareness of the risks and potential harm associated with misuse of prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

FLINT TOWNSHIP, MICH--A Wallet Hub study suggests that Michigan is ranked 4th when it comes to drug abuse in the nation.

The survey is broken down into different categories including teen and adult use as well as police response and rehab.

Michigan State Police say the best action anyone can take to reduce those numbers is to clean out your medicine cabinets.

They believe 1 in 10 people will go through your cabinets if they find drugs, you could inadvertently be fueling drug addiction.

Local hospitals and law enforcement are cracking down by limiting how much drugs are prescribed.

" I commend local hospitals for cracking down and we are going after those who prescribe too many drugs and actively investigating them." said Trooper Will Smith.

For help finding therapy or rehab near you, you can click here.

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