No, Twitter - Kurt Cobain did not predict a Donald Trump presidency

    Kurt Cobain, shown performing Dec. 13, 1993. (Photo: AP Photo/Robert Sorbo) Associated Press

    SEATTLE (KOMO) - Did Nirvana's Kurt Cobain predict that Donald Trump would become president?

    He did - a year before his death in 1994 - according to a flurry of social media posts that went viral this week - including a widely viewed one from a pro-Trump account that quotes Cobain as saying his generation would "elect a true outsider when we fully mature. ... Someone like Donald Trump as crazy as that sounds."

    Of course, there's absolutely no proof that the Seattle grunge rock star made any such prediction. Those who actually knew Cobain say he never did - and never would have - said any such thing. And no one who shares the quote on social media ever seems to have a source for it.

    In fact, the Cobain quote has been soundly debunked by no less than - which bills itself as the definitive online source for fact-checking.

    According to Snopes, the quote first appeared on a pro-Trump Facebook page called "Trump Train" in July 2016. From there it percolated through the social media world, without context or attribution, until finally reaching a saturation point and going viral in recent days.

    Want further proof? Try Googling the quote and limit your search to pages published before Trump announced his candidacy - and you will get no results.

    Nevertheless, the fake Cobain quote keeps circulating. And no doubt many people actually believe he said it, despite all the evidence to the contrary.

    One wonders how Cobain would have reacted to the controversy ...

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