Flint mayor accused of campaign violations

Flint city councilwoman Kate Fields files campaign violation complaint against Flint Mayor Karen Weaver.

A Flint city councilwoman is accusing Mayor Weaver of violating Michigan's campaign finance laws.

Fourth Ward Councilwoman Kate Fields says Mayor Weaver violated campaign finance laws by not correctly labeling some of her campaign literature, or identifying where the donations made through her Karen About Flint website would be used.

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Fields said she was made aware of the issue because a resident called and told her that the Flint Police were handing out Mayor Weaver's campaign literature in their neighborhood.

Fields said the campaign flyer does not indicate who paid for it and should not have a city of Flint logo on it.

Fields also said the Mayor shouldn't have the city police chief, wearing Flint police clothing, out campaigning for her.

The complaint also states that the Mayor is asking for donations on her Karen about Flint website, but she does not state that the money is being used for a political campaign.

"There’s a reason for campaign laws it’s for transparency, it’s for people to know who's making contributions to a candidate and how that candidate is using the funds so even though this doesn't say vote for or elect Karen Weaver it is still a campaign piece because of the time period they’re handing these out and the efforts they’re making to actually campaign using this material and that's against the law," says Fields

Fields tried to file the complaint at the Genessee County Clerk's office, but she was told it could only be submitted through the state, which she says she will be doing soon.

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