Profitt Report: Saving money on your wedding flowers

When it comes to wedding day flowers, you have a few options: a traditional florist, DIY or fake flowers. Photo credit: Pixabay

According to the wedding website The Knot, about eight percent of your overall wedding budget will go to flowers. However, this piece of your wedding day is wide open for getting creative and saving money.

“We got engaged September 26,” said Courtney DeFord of Frankenmuth, who isn’t wasting anytime planning her wedding. She and her fiancé are planning to be married June 17 at the Bay Valley Resort and Conference Center in Frankenlust Township.

“I’m inpatient,” she said, “it's been really smooth, a lot of the vendors we're using are super helpful because I have no idea what I’m doing, I’ve never planned a wedding.”

Most of DeFord’s wedding day details are ironed out, including the flowers. She’s saving money by utilizing a freebie through her venue.

“We’re using their centerpiece vases, which is how we're saving money, and I took them all over to Chia so we can play around with what I want,” she said.

Albert Chia is the owner of Rockstar Florist in Saginaw Township and he’s sensitive to budget-savvy brides.

“What I tell them is let me know what your budget is right up front,” he said. That way, he can tailor a flower package to fit your needs.

He said the average cost for flowers is $1,500-2,000. Of course, this depends on your location and your florist, but the national average is this according to

  • Bridal bouquet: $75-250
  • Bridesmaid bouquets: $30-75 each
  • Boutonnieres are $10-20 each
  • Corsages are $15-40
  • Add in ceremony and reception décor, you’re at nearly $2,000, depending on the size of your bridal party.

However, there are ways to trim that bill. First, stick to one or two blooms so your florist can buy in bulk.

“Let’s do the flowers all in roses, that way we can get the best price on the roses,” Chia said.

Next, don’t be afraid to use some greenery, it’s cheaper and still lovely.

“Have a nice full design with a couple of select blooms, that way you can really fill a table with flowers but it's mostly greens,” he said.

His next tip might be DeFord’s favorite: pay for it once, use it twice.

“We’re doing garland for the [ceremony] arch, we're going to reuse it and put it on the head table afterwards,” she said.

A few other ideas: there’s a DIY flower shop in Flint, you buy the flowers and arrange them yourself. They say you’ll save up to 50 percent this way, for more information please click here.

You could also buy fake flowers, that’ll save you a bundle and you can sell them afterwards or skip flowers altogether and get creative with centerpieces and bouquets.

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