Check your mailbox, FOX66/NBC25 is forgiving medical debt for almost 1,000 local people

FOX66 and NBC25 are doing something about the medical debt problem. (Photo: WEYI/WSMH)

For the last week, FOX66 and NBC25 News have been sharing the stories of two mid-Michigan families who are battling health issues on top of crippling medical debt.

"Our daughter has hydrocephalus. She has a shunt that goes from the top of her head and it travels all the way down under her skin into her belly," said Cheri Rosell of Saginaw Co.

"I went for my biopsy, got my results the next week, had been diagnosed February 1, had a double mastectomy on February 9," said Savannah Celestino of Gladwin Co.

Rosell and Celestino are just two of thousands of our viewers who have run up $230 million in medical debt. They are family, friends, and neighbors, all of whom are facing a tough decision: discontinue medical treatment or take on thousands of dollars of medical debt.

However, we have found a solution that is going to help close to a thousand of our viewers right here in mid-Michigan.

"So it's been two years, three years dealing with the debt, they're already at the point of depression, other new medical issues because of the depression and stress of having all the debt and they just don't know what to do, where to turn," said Lori Hawk of ELGA Credit Union.

FOX66 and NBC25 are doing something about the medical debt problem. We are teaming up with a non-profit organization called RIP Medical Debt. This organization takes debt that is usually handed to a collection agency and buys the debt for pennies on the dollar.

Today, we're making a $12,500 dollar donation to RIP Medical Debt that will forgive, outright, $1 million of medical debt to selected families living in 13 mid-Michigan counties.

That debt will be totally or partially erased. How will you know if your family is selected? Starting April 30, close to 1,000 yellow envelopes went out in the mail. Inside is a letter that will inform you, that you've been selected and how much of your medical debt has been erased. No strings attached.

That's only the beginning. While we will erase $1 million in medical debt but you can help, too. If we can raise $5,000, ELGA Credit Union will match your donation dollar for dollar. That combined $10,000 will allow us to forgive another $1 million in medical debt.

Who is receiving this medical debt forgiveness? It’s all up to RIP Medical Debt. They choose patients who are facing the dilemma of either paying their medical bill or putting food on the table. FOX66 and NBC25 have no control over who receives a yellow envelope.


FOX66/NBC25 News made a $12,500 donation to RIP Medical Debt. They’re a charity that locates, buys and forgives medical debt across the US. The donation will allow RIP Medial Debt to buy and forgive $1-million in debt within 13 local counties.

So what can you do? The same thing we did. Make a donation to RIP Medical Debt to help forgive even more medical debt within our community. $10,000 in donations will result in $1-million of medical debt forgiveness.

ELGA Credit Union is matching every dollar donated up to $5,000. Example: Your $50 donation becomes $100 which forgives an additional $10,000 in medical debt.

Below is a donation link provided by RIP Medical Debt. Your money goes to the charity, not our station. For more information about the charity and how it works click here.

FOX66 & NBC25 News is not collecting or receiving any information provided in the donation form. The information entered into the form goes directly to the charity.


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