Healthy Homes: Ductless Air Conditioners

Healthy Homes: Ductless Air Conditioners (Photo: WEYI/WSMH)

Here’s a common problem among older homes here in the metro area.

Home’s that may have an existing boiler for heating but no duct work to attach a home central air unit.

Or, a home that has a couple of outlying rooms that just flat out stay way too hot when the temperatures reach 90 degrees like what we’ve been experiencing this summer.

What’s the best solution? Well for this home, we’ve chosen to install what’s called a ductless air conditioning system.

This is made by Mitsubishi and is called Mr. Slim, because of it’s sleek low profile design.

Here on the second floor, we couldn’t really put duct work up here without a lot of reconstruction to the walls and then of course taking up a lot of space to route the ductwork.

By using this system, we’re able to provide perfect, whisper quiet cooling without having to cool another other part of the house.

A big energy saving feature especially when sleeping at night

Now here in the 4 seasons room, we faced the same challenge.

No way to get ductwork out here, so its way to hot in the summer and too cold in the winter making it purely a 2 seasons room. Same situation applies.

One Mr. Slim unit on the wall and with this handy remote control, you get perfect cooling in the entire area without having to cool down the entire house.

Now both the upstairs unit and the 4 seasons room are connected to just the one Condensing unit outside.

You can pair not only 2 of these together but even three to just one outdoor unit, depending on the size rooms you need to cool.

Not only do these units cool perfectly in 90+ degree temperatures, but they also provide heating in the wintertime!

If you have a room, an area upstairs or any place in your home that doesn’t heat or cool properly with your existing system, this could be the answer you’ve been searching for.

This system that we’ve seen today costs around $6900 installed so it isn’t cheap, but it is the perfect solution to an otherwise very uncomfortable home.

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