Air conditioner covers for winter-proofing your unit

Air conditioner covers for winter-proofing your unit. (Photo: WEYI/WSMH)

Here we are after our first freezing temperatures of the year and we’re talking about air conditioning again; well it’s for good reason.

With air conditioning covers, people tend to cover the entire unit with the cover and that’s kind of a bad thing because it makes a nice little home for rats and rodents and things that can chew your wires.

The best covers costs around $50 and only cover the topmost portion of the unit.

If you ever notice on air conditioning units if you start to get a little bit older, it’s the very top on the unit that rusts away and starts to make it look kind of junky.

This helps prevent that from happening, plus if you’ve got any leaves in the vicinity, that’s the first place the leaves are going to want to fall into is right inside the air conditioning unit.

With a custom cover, you can keep your air conditioner protected, looking good, and make sure you don’t have anything that’s going to mess it up.

It’s got some clips that comes with it, so you just take the clips, in case it’s a windy day, you clip it right on there, and make sure it doesn’t fly away in the wind; and it’s just as easy as that.

So now, we’re all set for the winter season; snow, rain, ice can hit us, we’re protected.

Just don’t forget to take it off before you use the AC again next spring.

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