Go Red, Get Fit final tally

go red get fit.png

As Heart Month comes to a close, it is time to evaluate the benefits of the Go Red Get Fit Challenge.

Participating in this month, and sharing with other women who are also making healthy lifestyle changes has been fun, and informative.

We have done a lot of chatting and supporting on the group facebook page. Being accountable has made a difference for me and countless others.

The best part is, this has not been about crash dieting, it's been an education in what to eat to stay heart healthy.

I also have a different outlook on exercise and how vital it is to my heart health.

I've lost about 5 pounds and 6.5 total inches. My body fat dropped. I feel great.

The other ladies in my group did great, too. I think many of us plan to keep this up.

Healthy lifestyle changes are easy to incorporate, and a committment with a huge payoff: A heart healthy future.

Be good to your heart.

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