Ahmad's Science Club: Science of Scaring

haunted house.JPG

October is well known for Halloween and haunted houses.

But how do the creators of these halls of horror come up with the perfect scare?

It's a balance of both art and most definitely science.

Matthew Stehlik is the Owner, Designer, and Operator of Hinterland Haunted Attraction in Ashley.

One example of the way he is adding a little science to his scaring is by subtly using bass played through speakers to increase or decrease a persons heart rate before being spooked.

Check out the first video for the interview and a preview.

Watch the second video for a brief walk-through of the first few rooms with Ahmad and his photographer Mike.

You can check out Hinterland Haunted Attraction in the Gratiot county town of Ashley by CLICKING HERE.

The haunted house opens for the first time Friday, October 13th in the evening.

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