Simplified approach paying big dividends for Northwood baseball

The Northwood baseball team is just having fun and it's proving to be the right approach. The team is ranked #1 in the Midwest Region as they head into the GLIAC Tournament.

The Northwood baseball team has accomplished some big things this year. So far they've won the regular season conference title, they're ranked #1 in the midwest region and 17th overall. Now they're wearing a bullseye on their backs as they head into the GLIAC tournament but head coach Jordan Bischel has a way of pushing all the right buttons.

"We had talked a lot the previous year about things we wanted to accomplish and we just simplified it."

Baseball doesn't have to be a complicated game, and sometimes, stream lining your approach can lead to big things

It may not work with every team, but with the Northwood baseball team, Bischel's "just having fun" mantra is working. Keeping things simple is a lesson he learned while coaching at Midland University.

"The big thing i learned is the buy in," he said, "the chemistry, the caring about each other as team mates. This is a group that completely check their egos at the door, we don't talk about playing time, guys don't complain. certainly guys on the team that would like to have a bigger role, be a bigger part of things in terms of playing time but it just hasn't come up, they just want to win."

On Thursday the Timberwolves will play their first game in the GLIAC tournament and regardless of what happens there, they will likely head to the national tournament. But not even the pressure of the post season will get this groupd to change anything about the way they approach the game.

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