Path to Greatness: Breanna Perry conquers fear, ACL injury in time for senior season

Courtesy: Tom Eschen

Sports have always come easy to Breanna Perry. Her passion is the game of basketball, something she's excelled in her entire life. But, she couldn't avoid the one thing she feared the most.

"Tearing my ACL was my biggest fear," she says. "In track I never wanted to do long jump or hurdles, I was scared for my knees."

Just two weeks into her junior season, she did just that, tearing her ACL in practice, resulting in some of the hardest work she'd ever have to do.

"I have never been physically challenged, this was the first time I was physically challenged, whatsoever," she says.

But, by leaning on those that had gone through the same process, she found strength in her rehabilitation, motivated to get her game back.

"I didn't give up because of all the support I've had," she says. "My teammates coming to my house to se me, I just had so much support, I thought, it's going to be okay, I'm going to get through it."

She's returned to the lineup for her senior season at Flushing, and hasn't lost a step. Even with the injury, she garnered several Division 1 offers, deciding on Temple University before her senior season began.

She knows the Division 1 basketball isn't easy, but will take the lessons she learned from the biggest challenge she's faced to the next level.

"I'm happy that I went through this level of challenge because I know it's going to be difficult," she says. "It's an entirely different level of play, but I feel that there's nothing that can hold me back, I can get through it. "

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