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Golden Apple Awards

Golden Apple Awards

FOX66, Pioneer Sugar, DM Burr Heating and Cooling, and Graff Automotive Group are proud to present the Golden Apple Awards recognizing outstanding Mid-Michigan teachers!

Stay tuned for the posting of the winning teacher!

Tune in to FOX66 News at 10 on March 4th to see the winning teacher!

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The Nominees

Allison Karr
2nd Grade Teacher at Vowles Elementary School, Mt. Pleasant

She goes above and beyond her call of duty. Mrs.Karr is one of the most amazing teachers. Mrs.Karr has change my sons life in so many ways. He was two years behind, violent, close to being placed on medication. as a mother I was scared and at a loss. she changed everything. He is almost caught up to the rest of his class, and he is a compleat different kid. she is caring and compassionate. She will take time out of her home life to aide her students in anything they need. I truly believe that she changed my sons whole life for the better. She is willing to try lots of different teaching forms to find the one to work for each and every student she has. My writing skills don't give her enough justice for the amazing teacher that she is.


Amy Denay
8th Grade Special Education Teacher at Jefferson Middle School, Midland

Amy has been a hard-working, dedicated educator for almost 15 years. As a special education teacher most of her career, including currently at Jefferson Middle School, Amy has to pay even more attention to the needs of her students. Amy has to match each student's challenges with a particular teaching style so that all of them get a chance to learn what is being taught. In addition to the in-classroom work Amy has to prepare numerous reports and education plans for each student to meet state requirements. Those are done at home after caring for her 3 kids which she adores and is absolutely the best mother in the world to. Her children, Drew 8, Brennan 6 and Lauren 2 all think their Mommy is the coolest and love her so much! Amy does all of these enormous tasks with a smile on her face and a happy, warm and welcoming demeanor. She loves being a teacher and Mother! For the 2014-2015 school year Amy created and reading program for her special education students that awards them for positive reading activities using popular books. She called the program “FitHead” to showcase how reading is exercise for the brain! To pay for the program Amy applied for and was rewarded a grant to purchase all the reading materials. Amy then reached to local businesses to donate gift certificates or other items that she could use are rewards for her students. For these reasons I nominate Amy for FOX66 Golden Apple Award.


Becky Trudgen
4th Grade Teacher at Merrill Elementary School

My teacher Mrs. Trudgen started to do science projects. She gets funding through a site called So far we have gotten a worm factory, paperbead maker, and most recently owl pellets. She goes beyond her duties to make learning fun. She has also donated to these projects every time. Please help me recognize all her hard work. Thank you.


Beth Emmons
Kindergarten Teacher at List Elementary School, Frankenmuth

Beth Emmons is the best! This is my second child going through Kindergarten, but my first child going through Kindergarten at List Elementary. What a blessing to have Beth Emmons for my spirited son. Beth is the Kindergarten Whisperer. Beth is calm, cool, and collected . . . always! She earned the children’s (and parents’) respect quickly and they listen to her. Beth is gentle and soft spoken, but is in complete control of her classroom. The learning environment Beth creates is safe, comfortable, and organized. Beth covers a variety of topics from Math, Reading, Writing, Social Studies, Spanish and more! Learning is so much fun that the children learn without even realizing it. My son can add, subtract, and is in the beginning phases of reading. He loves to show off his Spanish speaking skills. I cannot say enough good things about Beth. Her kind words and actions are powerful and children in her class thrive. I really don’t know how she achieves the le
vel of success with these children. I’ve never seen teaching executed at this level before. I admire Beth for the teacher she is, and more importantly, for the person she is. I know that when I drop my child off with Beth in the morning he will be cared for as the individual he is and he will receive a daily dose of encouragement, support, and knowledge.


Bethany Wolfgang
6th & 7th Grade Math & Science Teacher at Breckenridge Middle & High School

This teacher is always working hard. Always has a smile on her face! She is either helping a student out or a different teacher. She currently teachers 7th grade math and 6th grade science.


Bridget Forsberg
6th Grade Math Teacher at Clare Middle School

Bridget is a caring educator who goes above and beyond for each child. She stays after school every night to help as many students as need it, and offers assistance to students outside of school as well. She also serves as the school improvement chair and has lead the staff of Clare Middle School in many school improvement initiatives.


Cindy Rudert
1st Grade Teacher at Vowles Elementary School, Mt. Pleasant

Mrs. Rudert had three of our boys for 1st grade. We were thrilled when our fourth boy also landed in her class this year for 1st grade, considering she is retiring. She has always encouraged and pushed our boys to do their very best. She is a kind and compassionate teacher and she will be missed. Thank you Mrs. Rudert for giving our boys such a strong start to their schooling.


Donald Demko
High School Literature Teacher at Midland High School

Mr. Demko has high standards for every student in his class. Even when you think you're doing your best, he encourages you that you still have more to offer in your writing. He's never boring and makes certain you're fully engaged in the class.


Heather Josephson
Kindergarten Teacher at Central Elementary School, Linden

I am delighted to nominate Mrs. Heather Josephson for the Fox 66 Golden Apple Award. Mrs. Josephson or also known as Mrs. "J" is a remarkable early childhood teacher. She is a hard working , outstanding teacher. She scaffolds her lessons to meet the growing needs of all of her students across the content areas. She maintains a positive working and learning climate for 5 year old students with ease. Mrs. J is able to accommodate or differentiate lessons to reach special needs students as well as her high level students. She truly appreciates each student in their own special way and recognizes the gift each child brings to her classroom. I have the privilege to be Mrs. J’s principal and am always impressed with her level of questioning and how her students rise to her expectations. They are always smiling and loving school too! Mrs. J is a key leader on our school improvement team and represents Kindergarten curriculum for our school and district.
She is an exemplary teacher and team player. Parents are always complimenting Mrs. J for her ability to help their child to reach their full potential . She is highly effective and continually seeks to improve her skills in all areas including technology. Mrs. Heather Josephson deserves to be recognized and celebrated as she makes a significant impact on so many lives every day!


Heather Meyer
MOCI (Moderate Cognitive Impairment) Teacher at Bryant Elementary School, Owosso

Teaching special needs children takes a special person; a person with patience, devotion, and compassion. Heather Meyer has every one of these qualities and many more. Every morning she greets each and every individual child, with a smile and kind words of encouragement, even though some days just getting them into the classroom can be a challenge in itself. My son has been a student of Heather's for the past 3 years, this being his last. Not only has Heather been a great teacher to my son, but she has also made a lasting impression and friendship with me. Aside from being a teacher, she has been a positive role model for me and showing me ways of teaching at home with my son. Heather Meyer goes above and beyond the level of dedication, love and devotion than any other teacher I have met.


Heidi Haremski
1st Grade Teacher at Elsa Meyer Elementary School, Corunna

She is not only an amazing teacher, she is a great person. I have never met a teacher that was willing to help outside of school. She offered to make us meals and watch Kayden outside of school to help in a time of need. Her generosity was heartwarming. She cares about her students. That is why I think why I think she deserves to win.


Jan Zimba
4th Grade Teacher at List Elementary School, Frankenmuth

I have the privilege of being a fourth grader at Lorenz C. List Elementary school of Frankenmuth. I would like to talk about my teacher Mrs. Zimba. She is a very good teacher because she helps me when times get tough. She is extremely funny. Can you believe that sometimes she dances? Also, she is really good at finding what's best for all of us. Mrs. Zimba shows she cares. For example, if she sees that the class is struggling on a problem, she takes the time to work it out on the board with us. My class really appreciates all the time, hard work, and effort she puts into each and every day! Mrs. Zimba makes lesson plans, she grades papers and things like that when she could be going shopping, hanging out with friends, or even just relaxing. For these reasons, I think that Mrs. Zimba is a wonderful teacher. I have absolutely no idea how she manages all of this without forgetting something! Mrs. Zimba makes it look like teaching fourth grade is easy when we all know that it requires a ton of effort. Just thinking about all that she does really makes me thankful. I believe that however Mrs. Zimba is teaching she should keep it up with years to come.


Jeremy Ruble
4th Grade Teacher at Vowles Elementary School, Mt. Pleasant

Mr. Ruble is the best teacher I have had the pleasure of meeting. His dedication to the students well-being is remarkable. As well as being the most well liked teacher at the school, he is a role model for all the kids. He is the responsible for the safety patrol unit at the school. He and his wife also adopted children that are from and currently live in Africa and shares stories with the kids about what it is like for other kids in third world countries. He also instills confidence into children. My son was not very confident and very shy. While in Mr. Ruble's class, he has totally come out his shell. My son now has an eagerness to learn and now has many friends. I wish all the teachers could be like Mr. Ruble.


Jessyca Mathews
11th & 12th Grade English Teacher at Carman-Ainsworth High School

Ms. Mathews is the most amazing teacher. Not only does she care about our education, she loves us and care about us personally. she goes above and beyond the call of duty. She has gone through a number of deaths in her family and health issues of her own, but yet, she still finds a way to smile. She still encourages us and assures that no child is left behind. Ms.Mathews has even used her own resources to assure we are taken care of. She is awesome and I and many other know she deserves this award!


John Kolat
High School Math Teacher at Breckenridge High School

Mr. Kolat has really increased my intelligence throughout the past years and I think he is a great man.


Joseph Radtke
High School Fine Arts Teacher at Breckenridge High School

Mr. Radtke is funny and very nice. He always is saying something clever and funny.


Judi Raines
Literacy/Numeracy Specialist at Arrowood Elementary School, Saginaw

Judi Raines is a dedicated teacher with excellent work ethic. Every day Judi dedicates herself to her work and is the accurate definition of a true teacher. Without her I wouldn't know where I'd be or who I would be. Judi would do anything for her students, it is the least we can do for her.


Kelly Metz
7th Grade Science Teacher at Clare Middle School

Kelly has been instrumental in changing the way teachers teach and students learn at Clare Middle School. She has implemented technology in her science classroom with the use of laptops, graphic displays/ organizers, hands on experiments, to name a few of the items she has utilized to get students interested in science. She is a trend setter in education and is a leader in technology use in education.


Kimberly Kiesling
1st Grade Teacher at Elsa Meyer Elementary School, Corunna

Mrs. Kiesling really cares about her students and she consistently has a friendly, upbeat, welcoming personality that makes both the students and the parents feel very comfortable and at ease. She takes the time to meet each individual students needs, which is very important and valuable to me as a Mom as I'm sure it is with other parents as well!


Laura Trombley
3rd Grade Teacher at Shields Elementary School, Swan Valley

Laura has helped our son finally enjoy a bit of school. She has built his self-confidence which allows him to break out of his shell and show his true potential. She is realistic with goals and keeps the children active to facilitate learning in the classroom. She is also not afraid to make mistakes in front of the children, as is spelling errors or difficulty with technology because it is real life and not everyone can be good at everything. We all have our strengths and weaknesses...what a great lesson to teach our children at an early age! Appreciation for differences will serve all in her classroom well! No words can express my relief in seeing our son's true passion for learning and the success this year.


Mark Camilleri
High School Science Teacher at Midland High School

"Mark Camilleri is one of the most selfless people I know. He is passionate about teaching his students science and uses his knowledge and great sense of humor to engage all of his students. He is always trying new ideas in the classroom and you can always find him working with students both during his lunch hour and well after the school day has ended.

Mark always has a smile on his face and he puts 100% into his teaching. There is never a dull moment in his class and he has always been able to connect with his students. I was fortunate to have Mark as a teacher 11 years ago when I was in high school and for the past three years, I have had the pleasure of working side by side with him for two hours of my day, co-teaching Biology together. His energy and passion for teaching his contagious and I am truly lucky to be able to work with him each day."

"By the time I left middle school, I had given up on my dream of becoming a dentist because science classes there had been, quite honestly, horrible for me. By my first year in high school, I thought I was too stupid to be a dentist because I could only achieve a grade of C in science classes at best. In ninth grade, I was put into a lower level Biology class. I dreaded another year of science. Instead, my teacher that year, Mr. Mark Camilleri changed my life. He not only made science fun and interesting, he made it easy to learn. He uses great analogies to help us remember difficult terms and processes. Because he knows all his students learn differently, Mr. Camilleri will use multiple ways of getting the point across, even within one lesson. He pays attention to individual students because he wants every one of his students to succeed. Teaching is clearly not just a pay check for Mr. Camilleri. He believes in us so much that we begin to believe in ourselves. This amazing teacher made me feel like I was smart enough to become a dentist or even a doctor! In 11th grade I am taking anatomy and physiology and I love it. I know all the bones of the body and I understand how amazing our bodies are, even better how the systems work together to make us who we are. Without Mr. Camilleri coming into my education when he did, I would not be planning a career in the field of my dreams."


Mary Toll
2nd Grade Teacher at Edgerton Elementary School, Clio

Mrs. Toll cares about her students and always puts them first.


Melissa Gorsegner
2nd Grade Teacher at Vowles Elementary School, Mt. Pleasant

Ms. Melissa Gorsegner is recognized by parents and students for her passion for teaching and strong vision of integrating technology in the classroom. With a master’s degree in Educational Technology from MSU, Ms. Gorsegner engages students in meaningful ways by teaching through the use of web-based resources and multimedia in the classroom. She designed and maintains a classroom website which allows students to access high quality online learning tools. One of her major contributions is to be the co-founder, the instructor and treasurer for the Vowles Robotics Club. It is the only program in town to provide robotics, programming education to younger kids. Ms. Gorsegner has been doing all these voluntarily for 55 kids in the club.


Michelle Shmidt
4th Grade Teacher at Edgerton Elementary School, Clio

Last year my husband and I were in a car accident. Our son has been struggling with going to school out of fear of bad things happening. His teacher, Mrs. Schmidt, has gone above and beyond to talk to my son about his anxieties and help him work through them. She calls to talk with me and see how he is doing at home and shows that she genuinely cares about the well-being of her students.


Mike Sullivan
8th grade History Teacher at Corunna High School

Mike Sullivan is an outstanding teacher, mentor, and coach. He has been teaching in several capacities at Corunna Public Schools for 14 years. He has also coached track, football, and is currently coaching football at New Lothrop High School. Mr. Sullivan exemplifies what a teacher should be. He truly cares about his students and it shows every day that he enters the classroom and steps on the football field. Mr. Sullivan always goes above volunteering for events including the schools powder puff fundraiser. He also coordinates the Shane Cantu Memorial Alumni Football game each year to honor Fallen Solider and Corunna High Grad Shane Cantu. Mr. Sullivan is very generous, he often donates items such as coats and PE clothes to students who otherwise may never be able to wear a coat to school or participate in PE. I am Honored to nominate Mike Sullivan for the Golden Apple Award he truly deserves this honor.


Missy Boilore
Kindergarten Teacher at Nellie Reed Elementary School, Corunna

There is never any doubt that Mrs. (Missy) Boilore is 110% invested in every child in her class. I have seen her use every resource available to her, including many of her personal resources, to make a project/event/ceremony happen for the children in her room. She cares for every child and has the ability to reach them with a personalized approach. Her focus on curriculum is unmatched, but she shows the kids that there is a world outside of the classroom too: community outreach, field trips, and even a few after school events - The Lego Club is probably most notable with the kids. She really deserves the whole "Golden Apple" tree.


Mr. Ferry
5th Grade Teacher at Herig Elementary School, Saginaw

Mr. Ferry is a very hard working teacher. He not only strives for his kids to get good grades but also be respectful and kind to one another. Mr. Ferry has taught 3 of my 4 children while attending Herig Elementary. I can really say that he is a teacher that makes a difference in this world and cares about his students well-being as well as their education. He has gone the extra-mile for years and I think it's time that he deserves some recognition. There are not very many teachers like him and my children are better because of this teacher. Though they have gone on to junior high and high school now they still consider Mr. Ferry their favorite teacher.


Paul Gilbert
Middle & High School Social Studies Teacher at Breckenridge High School

Mr. Gilbert is a great teacher. There is just something about the way he teaches. He teaches 7th and 10th grade social studies and he is really good at what he does. It's always fun to sit in his class and listen to his stories, they make my day. I am glad the we have a teacher at Breckenridge like Mr. Gilbert.


Renee Sommerfield
Kindergarten Teacher at List Elementary School, Frankenmuth

Mrs. Sommerfield is the ideal definition of a teacher, especially a Kindergarten teacher. Her picture is destined to be next to the work. She has the utmost level of care and appreciation for each child and parent. She maintains a stellar positive demeanor at all times - despite how she may really be feeling. You will never see her without a smile on her face. She desires nothing more than to see children learn and grow into their own individual people. She doesn't try to create a mold for them, she lets them build their own. She has a consistent approach with every child regardless of their performance or behaviors. My daughter had her 3 years ago and I still love to sneak in and watch her with her students. She is a teacher to truly be appreciated and savored. If we could duplicate her 100 fold more students would love to go to school. My daughter enjoyed her so much when we were home she would accidentally call me "Mrs. Sommerfield". When I ask
ed her why, she would tell me because she loves her and she's like a mommy at school. She is one of the most kindhearted, loving, and inspiring educators you will ever meet. Mrs. Sommerfield is our daughter's kindergarten teacher and we couldn't be more blessed. She is kind, caring, and compassionate and treats her students as if they were her own children. She is also one of the most organized individuals I have ever met and provides exceptional learning opportunities for our daughter. Mrs. Sommerfield, without a doubt, is most deserving of this award! You would be a fool to not select her!


Sandy Florey
Kindergarten Teacher at Meridian Elementary School, Sanford

Mrs. Florey inspires a love of learning in her children everyday she comes to work. She goes above and beyond academics. She teaches her children health, manners, and the desire to do their very best. She is an asset to our school, children and community!


Scott Smith
5th Grade Teacher at Hyatt Elementary School, Linden

He is the best teacher there. He cares if they do well and wants them to. He has 2 snakes, 1 bird, and fish in his class room. All the children like to hold the snakes for a reward. He has a website and he updates it every day. This helps his parent to make sure that they are doing there homework. He does not usually leave the school till 5:30 and school ends at 3:30. THE BEST TEACHER I KNOW!


Sue Peterson
Special Needs Teacher at Ashley Community Schools

Sue is an amazing teacher. She always goes above and beyond to help her students.


Vanessa Ziobro
Title One at Garner Elementary School, Clio

Mrs. Ziobro is very dedicated to ensuring that our children get the best education possible. She goes above & beyond the call of duty by offering a before school program called Jumpstart & also an after school program called After the Bell. Mrs. Ziobro is a wonderful asset to the Clio School district and is very devoted to our childrens education.


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