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WSMH FOX 66 :: News - News at Ten - New Drug Surfaces In Utah
New Drug Surfaces In Utah

(KUTV) Salt Lake County District Attorney Sim Gill has filed charges in a
case where a man is accused of producing "Dab" or "Shatter" in his
house – it's a drug made from marijuana.  "It's something new in our
community, that you don't typically see," said Gill of the case. 

said Dab/Shatter is made in a process where marijuana is distilled and
THC (the part of marijuana that makes you high) is extracted.  The
result is a waxy, brown substance that is more powerful and more
expensive than pot.

The Dab was allegedly found in the home of
James Wesley Robinson, an attorney employed by Salt Lake City to work
with police on civil cases.  Police went to Robinson's Salt Lake City
home on Tuesday to respond to a burglary, where there was allegedly a
strong smell of marijuana.  They went back with a warrant and say they
found large amounts of marijuana, bongs, scales and over $26,000 cash. 
They also found Dab residue in several places.

Robinson was
charged with having a clandestine drug lab and possessing drugs with
intent to distribute.  His two sons, who live with him, were also

By Cristina Flores

(Copyright 2014 Sinclair Broadcasting Group)New Drug Surfaces In Utah

Tuesday, February 25 2014, 09:23 AM EST

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