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WSMH FOX 66 :: News - News at Ten - Mich. Senate asks for federal balanced budget
Mich. Senate asks for federal balanced budget

The Michigan Senate is asking Congress to convene a constitutional convention requiring the federal budget to be balanced.

A resolution approved 26-12 Thursday would join Michigan with at least 17 other states that have passed a measure calling for a balanced budget convention. Thirty-four states are needed to convene the convention, and 38 would have to ratify the convention's proposal to go into effect.

Republicans voting for the resolution say it's fiscally reckless to allow federal deficits and build up more debt. Exceptions to balanced budgets could be made for "national emergencies."

Democrats say balanced budgets are an admirable goal. But they say the amendment could cause more dysfunction in Washington and wouldn't provide enough flexibility in economic recessions.

The resolution now goes to the state House.



Mich. Senate asks for federal balanced budget

Friday, November 8 2013, 09:30 AM EST

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