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WSMH FOX 66 :: News - News at Ten - Customers demand refund after gym closes unexpectedly
Customers demand refund after gym closes unexpectedly

Several former members of Powerhouse Gym in Standish are demanding a refund after the owner closed the gym without warning his customers.

"We can't afford to be out of this money," said Alice Smith.

Smith said she prepaid $320 for a two-year gym membership. Only five months into the membership, the gym closed.

"I confronted the owner and he told me there were problems with the building ... safety problems ... so he had to close," Smith added.

"I feel scammed," explained Trisha Gunterman.

Gunterman showed up to the gym to see if she could get an explanation as to why the owner closed the gym.

"This is not cool ... not cool," she added.

TV5 visited the 81st District Court to get some answers for disgruntled customers and discovered the owner, Glen Bailey, is being evicted from the property for non-payment of rent. 

According to court documents, Bailey owes his landlord more than $27,000.

Some members said they are disappointed they were not warned about the closing and do not want to do business with Bailey in the future.

"I just want a refund," said Smith.

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Customers demand refund after gym closes unexpectedly

Monday, October 7 2013, 02:59 PM EDT

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