Profitt Report: Crim race a constant fixture in Flint

Unless you've been here, it's hard to explain the buzz that grips downtown Flint on the fourth weekend of August.

Thousands of people will slip on their shoes and walk or run up to ten miles through the city of Flint for the 41st year in a row.

While the city went through turmoil, such as GM closing their doors and the water crisis, the Crim Festival of Races has been consistent.

In 1977, former Michigan House Speaker Bobby Crim and his assistant Lois Craig started the race to raise money for the Special Olympics.

Flint was then hooked; the race evolved and grew over the years.

Today, the Crim Fitness Foundation uses the race as the cornerstone of creating a healthier, more productive community. The Foundation focuses on both physical and nutritional health.

CEO Gerry Myers thought there's more to a healthy person than their physical fitness and their diet.

What not focus on their minds?

Mindfulness is more than just meditating. It's a skill set they teach Flint students to use when life gets hard.

From a simple idea to raise money to a path to wellness, the Crim is finding success, but one thing that won't change is that the runners will always look forward to crossing those downtown Flint bricks every year on the fourth weekend of August.

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