Man finds out small house is actually 300-year-old log cabin

In a Tuesday, June 27, 2017 photo, Jude Plum with his dog Miss "P" pose for a photo at his 300-year-old log home in Bryn Mawr, Pa. The home is one of Lower Merion Township's two oldest, remaining houses. For four years, he has spent untold hours and money researching and restoring this oddity right next to Bryn Mawr Hospital. (Steven M. Falk/The Philadelphia Inquirer via AP)

BRYN MAWR, Pa. (AP) — A man who bought a tiny dilapidated house next to his childhood home learned during renovations that the eyesore was actually a 300-year-old log cabin, making it among the oldest surviving houses in Pennsylvania.

Jude Plum tells The Philadelphia Inquirer he bought the house in Bryn Mawr out of pre-foreclosure four years ago. After removing five layers of exterior, the 71-year-old uncovered a log home that was basically untouched since 1704.

Since then, he's completely restored it, taking it apart and rebuilding it from scratch, even hand-hewing the logs with a 200-year-old broadax.

He worked with a builder who helped track down logs from another 18th-century cabin to replace those that had rotted.

Plum's hope is to put the house on the National Register of Historic Places, saying it represents "the beginning of our country."

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