Candidates, officials preparing for election Tuesday

Candidates, officials preparing for election Tuesday

LANSING, Mich. (SINCLAIR BROADCAST GROUP) - Democrat Andy Schor is one of hundreds of candidates preparing for Tuesday's election.

"I love this neighborhood... my wife and I lived right down the street... For ten years we lived there," Schor said while he was door knocking n Lansing.

As a candidate for Lansing Mayor, he's reminding voters to get out and vote.

"Are you concerned at all that you will see voter fraud in this race?" asked Political Reporter Nick Minock.

"I'm really not. I'm really not. We have new machines that are coming online this year," said Schor. "They are not connected to the internet. So it would be, my understanding, it would be very difficult to go in and change the numbers because you are not connected to the internet."

Secretary of State Ruth Jonhson oversees Michigan's elections.

We asked the Republican office holder if President Trump's claims of widespread voter fraud is true in Michigan.

"No. We have really tightened the reigns in Michigan," said Johnson. "Like I said, we have gotten one out six people off our qualified voter file because they were dead, had moved, or they were non citizens."

Johnson says some voter fraud did happen in Michigan when President Trump was on the ballot.

"We have turned over 31 names to the Attorney General of people who voted twice," she said.

If President Trump's claims were true, Michigan's share of illegal votes would have been around 60,000, not 31.

Tonight, President Trump's Commission on Election Integrity is asking states to provide voter data.

But Michigan has a law that doesn't allow the State to release personal information such as Social Security and ID numbers.

"I will not release personal information, and under Freedom of Information Act I do have to release name and their voting history," said Johnson. "I have to release that and I do on a regular basis. It costs us $23 and if Kris Kobach's committee wants that they will have to pay the $23 just like anybody else."

While the debate on voter fraud continues, you will have the opportunity to have your voice heard at the polls tomorrow.

To see which races in your community are on the ballot, click here, or check below.

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