Work on Main Street in Midland moving along as planned

Construction along Main Street in Midland should be wrapped up by the middle of November. (Photo Credit: Drew Moore/WSMH)

Construction on Main Street in downtown Midland has made getting around town a little more difficult. However, block by block the project is moving along and city officials say the end is near. City of Midland Assistant Engineer Joshua Fredrickson says the new downtown is starting to take shape.

“We’ve got several blocks already completed except for some the of accessories. Things like trees, and power poles, should be coming in within the next couple weeks. We’re on schedule to be wrapped up by the middle of November,” Fredrickson says.

As one project wraps up, the Michigan Department of Transportation is looking at another one. The department is looking into possibly reducing Buttles Road from six lanes, down to four, then dedicating the two remaining lanes for bicycle and pedestrian use. Michigan Department of Transportation Planner Jay Reichel says they’re in the beginning stages of looking at the project.

“We’re getting public input now to see if people would be open to it. We’re also doing a traffic study to make sure reducing the one lane of traffic each way wouldn’t have a major impact on traffic flow,” Reichel says.

Transportation officials will present their findings to the Midland City Council when the study is complete to determine if that project will move forward.

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