Warming centers help people who are homeless

With temperatures dropping dangerously low, warming centers are getting ready for more people to come through their doors.

Catholic Charities recently opened for the season.

When people who are homeless come here, they're greeted by smiles, a warm embrace and even a meal.

It's all so they can take shelter during relentless Mid-Michigan winters.

For Amika Ward, every bitterly cold winter day is a stark reminder she's homeless.

“It's pretty much a survival right then being in the cold especially when you're homeless you don't know where you're going to sleep how you're going to cover up,” she said.

Amika might not have a home, but it doesn't mean she has nowhere to go.

“To have a door open that's warm and welcoming I think that's a blessing,” she said.

Catholic Charities warming center began taking in Amika and dozens of others at the beginning of December. Their numbers skyrocket when mother nature brings her worst.

“We can take individuals in so they don't have to stay in vacant houses or out in the cold under bridges or anywhere else we have the warmth we can feed them and keep them warm,” Vicky Schultz said.

The warmth doesn't just go to homeless people who take shelter here. It also spreads to the staff who know they're possibly saving someone's life.

“The individuals we serve are so grateful so thankful tell us what a great blessing this is and it warms my heart knowing they appreciate what we provide for them,” Vicky said.

Catholic Charities is always willing to take donations.

If you want to help click here.

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