Truck, heavy equipment damaged at Flint pipe replacement site

A truck and two pieces of heavy equipment were damaged overnight in Flint. (Photo Credit: Joel Feick)

A truck and two pieces of heavy equipment were damaged overnight in Flint.

The incident took place at a pipe replacement site behind an old school on East Pierson Road in Flint.

Crews discovered the damage Friday morning.

It appears that rocks were thrown through the windshields of the trucks and the heavy equipment.

Additionally, it appears that a truck valued at over $70,000 was lit on fire.

An added blow is that the damage has also delayed pipe replace work that was scheduled to take place at 10 homes Friday.

Contractor Jeff Grayer of W.T. Stevens Construction said that it’s sad that the equipment was damaged, but that crews will be back and ready to work on Monday.

NBC25/FOX66’s Joel Feick also spoke with Flint mayor Karen Weaver, who says she’s livid that it happened.

“It’s not fair to the 10 families that were scheduled to have their pipe replace Friday,” said Weaver.

Mayor Weaver added that the weather would have been absolutely perfect to replace the pipes Friday, and it is beyond her why anyone would do such a thing.

Flint Police are currently investigating the incident.

Mayor Weaver adds that she hopes the suspects are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Anyone who has information should call Flint Police at 810-237-6800.

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