State says Flint knew water credits were ending months ago

Flint's Mayor Karen Weaver speaking Wednesday during a press conference to deliver what she called sad information about the water bill credit program coming to an end.

"I don't think two weeks was enough notice for people to be prepared for this so I'm just really, really greatly disappointed," said Weaver.

But an official with the State of Michigan says the city knew when the credits were first introduced they would end when the water was safe to drink.

In fact, Rich Baird says they were notified not once, "The CFO was notified on December 12th and there's documentation to prove this."

Not twice, "On January 24th the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality issued a press release saying the water is now at a standard and in that press release it actually said that the water credits would be discontinued," said Baird.

But three times, "reminded again on February 6th," said Baird.

He says the real reason for the letter was to provide comfort to the city that the state was not leaving anytime soon.

"The bottled water was going to continue, the pods were going to continue, the state’s commitment with the city on digging up the lead lines and replacing all the lead was going to continue and the faucet program was going to continue so all of those things ended up being overshadowed," said Baird.

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