Spin class helps kick-off 2018 fitness goals

Spin into the New Year event at Genesys Athletic Club

GRAND BLANC, Mich. --People at Genesys Athletic Club in Grand Blanc hit the bikes and rode out the year on a high note.

The “Spin into the New Year” event has people ready to kick off the year with health and fitness in mind.

“The old saying is whatever you do on new year’s you do the rest of the year so hopefully we get started on New Year’s Eve and we get people to get into a better lifestyle, healthier lifestyle," says spin instructor Harry Garrison.

Harry Garrison was one of eight instructors that led the 90-minute Spin into the New Year.

Although people have many different motivations for showing up, one common goal was setting the tone for a healthy year.

“No resolutions but I will work harder, train harder, sweat harder, play harder and have more fun,” says Dana Hayes-Grimes.

“I got a lot more planned and I want to be here to fulfill those plans,” says Paul Sage.

“I want to stay healthy and I want to be able to do whatever I want to do whenever I want to do it,” says Peter Hoyos.

“I just thought it was a good way to end the year and go into the new year trying to continue exercising, keeping my cardio and staying healthy,” says Todd Follis.

Class attendees and instructors alike say they see the health issues within their families and they’re hoping to break the cycle.

“My parents were diabetic and I figured I better try to keep from being diabetic,” says Follis

“There’s a lot of things that, diseases, heart disease, cardiovascular disease, that’s my personal story, my father had that and he was always healthy and I didn’t want to go down that same path,” says instructor Tamie Wolf.

Gyms across the country are preparing for the big crowds as they kick off their New Year’s resolutions but Harry Garrison says those crowds typically fade fast.

“Most people set a resolution and they stick to it for about a month or two and then it goes by the waist side and they go back to their normal routine,” says Garrison.

He says even when it starts to challenge you, stick with it.

“Yes it’s a struggle sometimes and yes its hard but the benefits at the end are so much better,” says Harrison.

But the biggest advice?

"Just get out and move in 2018”.

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