Special delivery: Mail carrier finds lost 7-year-old

Mail carrier, Beverly Kosin, makes the delivery of a lifetime. (Photo credit: Amanda Chodnicki)

Word is spreading throughout Chesaning that there's a new hero in their quiet village.

As you might expect, this hero wore a uniform and went above and beyond the call of duty.

This hero is Beverly Kosin.

Kosin has been working for the post office for 34 years and delivering mail for 12 of those.

But never did she think, she would make a delivery quite as special as the one she did Wednesday, where she delivered a lost little boy back home.

Seven-year-old Jourdano Delgado, who walked away from his home, led police on a search for hours Wednesday afternoon.

The search ended, thanks to Kosin.

Kosin said she was looking on her route after police told her about the missing boy.

Little did she know, she would be the one to find him and that he would basically be knocking on her door.

"So I got out of my vehicle and I was going out to temp the letter and I heard a knocking on the window of the house he was found," she said. "And here it was... a little boy with a Tigers shirt and red shorts and I thought, 'Oh my gosh this is the little boy they're looking for.'"

Police said little Jourdano found his way into an unlocked vacant home on the 400-block of Clark Street and made himself quite at home.

Lieutenant Miguel Gomez with the Saginaw County Sheriff's Department said the boy even made himself a sandwich.

As for Kosin, Gomez calls her a hero.

"I would call Bev not kind-of a hero, I'd call her a hero," he said. "Without Bev, would we find him as easily as we did?"

Kosin said she was just happy to help.

"Really the post office... we're the eyes and ears of the neighborhood," she said. "We do notice things and watch things, so it was a very happy moment for me... happy that he could reach out to me as a postal worker and know that he would be safe... that I would help him."

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