Saginaw Fire Department receives new gear thanks to help from local group

Saginaw Fire Department received a donation which allowed them to purchase new equipment. (Photo Credit: Drew Moore/WSMH)

The equipment is called a Rapid Intervention Team Bag and four of them are now in the hands of firefighters in the City of Saginaw. The bags contain an oxygen tank, cutting tools, and an oxygen mask. They’re used when a firefighter is in a life threatening situation while on scene like losing oxygen or is immobilized. Crews waiting outside of the fire rush in with the bag in hand to provide help. Saginaw Fire Department Training and Safety Officer Ona Lee Hoard says the bag can save precious seconds when responding to an emergency.

“Seconds matter in those situations. These will help get in there, get them oxygen if necessary, and get out of that dangerous situation as soon as possible. This equipment could potentially be a life saver if they ever need to be used,” Hoard says.

The non-profit group ‘100 men’ helped pay portion of a $7,200 grant used to purchase the equipment.

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