Residents pushing back against $5 Billion ‘Project TIM’ development in Shiawassee County

A proposed development codenamed 'Project TIM' in Durand would cost $5 Billion dollars, and bring in 800 jobs. (Photo Credit: Jess Gonzales)

Dozens of people packed into the hall of the Durand Eagles Club Wednesday night to fight back against a proposed billion-dollar development in Durand.

City and county officials aren’t releasing much information because of signing non-disclosure agreements surrounding the project.

Dr. William Foster is organizing a campaign with local residents to stop the project. His fears are that the massive project would ruin his otherwise quiet town.

“The problem is we aren’t being told much information. We do know that it’s going to be a large manufacturing facility, but we don’t know what is going to be made there. Some people have said it’s a steel mill. This facility would be one of the largest manufacturing facilities in the world and would measure around 24 million square feet. I don’t think we need that in our community and I’m committed to stopping it,” Foster says.

The details which have been released would transform the small Shiawassee town forever.

It would require 800 acres of land, bring in approximately 800 jobs, and provide approximately $20 Million in tax revenue a year.

The location of the facility would be in the middle of Lansing, New Lothrop, Bennington, and Durand roads.

Currently city officials are contacting land owners in the area to discuss the purchase of their property.

City officials say they hope to be able to release more information within the next 90 days.

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