Profitt Report: Weddings can be a budget-drain for guests, too

Weddings can be expensive for the bride and groom, but it's also an expensive for the guests. Photo credit: MGN

Weddings are a pricey event for the happy couple. The wedding website, The Knot, said the average cost of a wedding is more than $35,000. However, they’re not the only ones shelling out money.

The average guest is paying about $800 to attend the festivities according to The Knot.

“It’s usually pretty expensive,” said Julisa Willison of Midland. She is at that age: mid-20s, when everyone seems to be getting married.

“Especially since I’m a student and I have a very small budget to work with,” she said.

Owner of Paper Moon Wedding and Event Specialists in Midland, Sue MacKellar breaks down a few areas where you can save.

First, the gift. The Knot said on average, we’re paying nearly $120. If the couple’s registry doesn’t provide any affordable options, think outside the box.

“Know the bride and some of the things she likes to do, or maybe the things she's not good at that maybe they could give her an experience, like a cooking class or mixing drinks,” Mackellar said.

For example, Willison is good at doing makeup, she volunteers at the Midland Center for the Arts.

“For the last wedding I went to, a big chunk of my gift was doing the makeup for the bride and her mom and a bridesmaid or two,” she said.

Next, if you’re heading to multiple weddings, there’s no need to buy multiple dresses (unless you’re in the party, of course).

“If you just do a basic black dress and accessorize it in different ways with rhinestones or fun color jewelry or whatever, it might be you have a totally different look,” MacKellar said.

Last, think about travel. The Knot found nearly 40 percent of guests need to travel and it costs them about $600. However, the sooner you know you need to book that hotel room or plane ticket, the better off you are.

“If you know ahead of time and watch for the specials, you can find some good deals at times,” MacKellar said.

Another idea on lodging: if possible, renting a home with multiple people could drastically cut down your cost.

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