Profitt Report: Study says Americans aren't using their paid time off

A study by Project: Time Off says using your paid vacation time could make you a more productive employee. Photo credit: MDOT

Now is the perfect time to use your vacation time, but many don’t take advantage of that work-place benefit.

“I enjoy what I do, doesn’t mean I want to be here all the time,” said Katie Denis, senior director and lead researcher for Project: Time Off, a group of travel organizations, looking to get people to take more vacation time.

“I think vacation is kind of the innocent by stander of our crazy work culture,” Denis said.

According to their analysis, 46 percent of full-time employees in Michigan left vacation time on the table, resulting in nearly 16 million unused vacation days.

“Right now, it's just that kind of competition of, ‘how many days did you roll over? I’m so needed, I’m so important!’ Unless you're the only brain surgeon who can do a procedure, it's probably okay for you to take a few days off,” Denis said.

Denis said nationally, a third of the vacation days left on the table were forfeited, meaning they couldn’t be rolled over or paid out, so workers lost their paid benefit.

“You don't have to go far away to do that, you don't have to go to Florida to go sailing, you can do it right here,” said Kimberly Salwey with the Great Lakes Bay Regional Convention and Visitors Bureau, “we have breweries right here and we can do it at a better price, you don't have to spend money on gas, but you can do it here.”

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