Profitt Report: Spring cleaning could be profitable with these tips

Clutter could be costing you. Mindy McIntosh with McIntosh and Associates in Freeland shows us what to look for when spring cleaning. Photo credit: Pixnio

It might not be your favorite part of the season: spring cleaning! However, more than dusting off the winter blues, a deep clean could prove to be profitable.

“I feel good after being cooped up all winter you know, everything in the house looks so cluttery,” said Kathy Papes, a teacher in Scottville, enjoying her spring break in Frankenmuth.

However, once she gets home, the break is over.

“We’re going to wash the walls and paint, I clean out closets, get the winter stuff out, spring stuff in, bring stuff to Goodwill,” Papes said.

Mindy McIntosh with McIntosh & Associates in Freeland said there could be some cash in cleaning.

“Sometimes, you're going through decluttering and have something a grandparent has given you that's a collectable,” she said.

For example, McIntosh said you could try selling said collectibles on a website like eBay or Etsy. Depending on size and color, some Pyrex bowls sell for $10-200 on eBay.

Certain old board games are valuable as well. The Pretty Pretty Princess board game from 1995 is going for $50 or more on eBay.

If you have clothing, toys or something you’re not using, you could donate and look forward to a 2017 tax write off.

“If you go to a charity or if you go to a local Salvation Army, Goodwill, some of those, they'll give you a form and on that form they'll tell you how much per item that you're donating that can be a tax write off,” McIntosh said.

She said now is also a good time to take inventory of your stuff. How many times have you purchased an item, say a new kitchen tool, just to realize you already have it, tucked away somewhere?

“Do you really need two? No, pick the one you like the best, the other one, donate, sell it and it gives you more room, too, in your kitchen,” she said, “you'll feel like things are cleaner, you'll have a bigger sense of spring cleaning as well.”

Speaking of too much stuff, one in ten people have an offsite storage unit according to

Consumer Reports. Those’ll cost you $50-200 a month, so if you can consolidate your belongings and organize, that’s a lot of money saved.

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