Profitt Report: Nationally, babysitter costs are nearly $14 an hour

Photo credit: MGN

For many adults, our favorite way to make extra cash as a teen was babysitting the neighborhood kids. Times have changed!

The average cost of a babysitter is well above Michigan’s minimum wage. Nationally, parents are paying nearly $14 an hour for babysitters according to

We spoke with via Skype and they say parents are looking for sitters with qualifications.

“They’re often looking for someone that has taken a babysitting course, that has safety training and they tell us they're willing to pay more when they can find someone that has an early education degree,” said Joyce Hodel of

Majority of families find sitters through recommendations but many use services like, where you can search for sitters matching your qualifications in your area.

“You need to make sure if you're bringing someone into your home you can trust them, so do all of your background research before you hire a babysitter,” Hodel said.

Locally, our rates are a bit lower according to Hodel. Rates in Saginaw are $12.50 and $13 in Flint.

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