Profitt Report: Midland assoc. broker explains best practices for home sellers

There are a few tried and true steps home owners can take to sell their home quickly. Photo credit: MGN

If you’re looking to sell your home soon, you picked a good year. Data suggests 2017 will be on your side as a seller. Across the board, home sales were up five percent last year according to the Michigan Realtors Association.

“It's not the ideal market but it's getting closer,” said Tom Darger, associate broker with Ayre/Rhinehart Realtors in Midland, “we have turned a corner, Midland for example, our numbers last year were better than in 2006, the best numbers in the last 20 years.”

Darger remembers when houses were on the market for six, seven, even eight months. Today, he said it’s more like 90 days. However, that doesn’t mean sellers can mail it in.

“You still have to do the work but that certainly is much more favorable to sellers,” Darger said, “what you want to do is neutralize yourself, you want them to walk in and see how their family will fit into your house.”

Loud colors and large family photos are too distracting, said Darger, “what their focusing on is that image as opposed to how little Johnny is going to run around the living room.”

Next, if you smoke inside, have pets or cook with spicy foods, those smells can permeate the house.

“Once you paint, put the new flooring in, that smoker has to go smoke outside because that smoke is going to ruin everything you’ve just done, same with the lively cooking and the pet,” he said.

As far as renovations go, Darger said painting the walls “boring beige” is the best way to recoup your costs.

“Bathrooms and kitchens are somewhere 70, 80 cents on the dollar. The good thing about bathrooms and kitchens, those are the number one items people are looking for,” he said.

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